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July 26, 2008


August 1,  2008




  Glossary of terms and techniques

Asian Panko crumb/flake

Bias Cut

Creamed Garlic



Flaked (Celery)

Flaked (fish)



Seasoned Flour


Three step Breading

Asian Panko crumb/flake

A jagged-edged, coarse bread crumbs for the absolutely crispiest deep-fried foods Available at Asian markets

Bias Cut

To cut or slice at an angle.

Creamed Garlic

To make a paste of garlic cloves using the back of Knife and a small amount of salt


The process of blending the fat and sugar in a recipe together.


To cut in small cubes large dice =3/4 inch Medium dice =1/2 inch Small dice =1/4 inch

Flaked (Celery)

To cut celery at an angle to make a longer "U" shape

Flaked (Fish)

For fish broken into it's natural segments


A type of prep cut for food generally 1/4" by 1/4" and 2" to 3" long


To cut into four equivalent pieces


To cook quickly in a small amount of fat

Seasoned Flour

Principally used to coat meats before Frying or as part of a three step breading process. Usually it is flour with salt and black pepper but one can use any mixture of
herbs & spices.


To chill quickly in ice and water to stop the cooking process


Three step breading process

The process of breading (mostly for frying) First dredge in seasoned flour then into beaten egg and bread Crumbs (i.e. bread, corn flakes, etc.)



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